Glossary of Early Modern Popular Print Genres



Wahrhaffte Nachricht über die Enthauptung der Kindesmörderin Maria Louisa Papin am 13.9.1743 auf dem Leipziger Marktplatz. Leipzig, Stadtgeschichtliches Museum; Europeana. CC BY-NC-SA.

Other languages

  • Dutch: adviso, tijding, mare 
  • French: rapport, nouvelle 
  • German: Bericht, Nachricht 
  • Italian: reporto, riporto, rapporto, ragguaglio 
  • Polish: nowina, gazeta ulotna
  • Spanish: reporte? 

Material form




In Venice, an important centre for the production and dissemination of avvisi, the term reporto was largely synonymous with avvisi, similarly being used to denote both a newsletter and its content (news). It was also used synonymously with ragguaglio.  

From Northern Italy the term spread across Europe, where in most contexts it referred solely to a single piece of news or information and no longer to any specific type of popular publication. In France, rapport was used less frequently than relation to indicate single pieces of news. 

Related terms

aviso, tidings, nouvelle


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